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Choral Music Experience at Ithaca College with Janet Galván and Raymond Wise

Location: New York, USA

Offered by choral conductor and clinician Janet Galván, with renowned Gospel musician Raymond Wise and supporting instructor, Baruch Whitehead, this workshop will help participants learn how to sing, teach, and conduct Gospel music. In addition to being a Gospel performer, composer, and conductor, Dr. Wise wrote his dissertation on Gospel music.  He is not only an amazing conductor, but a leading expert on Gospel music.  Dr. Wise will join us for the last two days of the workshop, conducting his Gospel music and leading sessions on Gospel music.  Participants will learn about performing Gospel music with authenticity, Gospel choral methods, healthy singing in Gospel music, working with instrumentalists in Gospel music, and how to conduct Gospel music.  The CME workshop will also teach conductors/teachers to lead more engaging rehearsals and performances through a more score study and relating that knowledge and score study to what happens in rehearsal.  Instructors at the Choral Music Experience (CME) present ways to enhance the quality and variety of repertoire, create a truly musical rehearsal environment, and improve the sound of the ensemble.  The Choral Music Experience brings an integrated approach to music education, combining the development of performance skills with the acquisition of musical knowledge.  The repertoire will be varied, featuring distinctive works for all levels (easy to difficult) from several styles and periods for treble voices, mixed choirs, and young men’s choruses.  One special characteristic of this workshop is that participants work with composers on the music of the composer. Participants will have the opportunity to participate in a conducting master class working with a chorus of young people ranging in age from eleven to eighteen (including young men’s voices) and observe Raymond Wise and CME faculty rehearsing the young people.  Members of the Young People’s Chorus of New York will join the Ithaca Children’s Choir to be singers for the conductors.  

Workshop hours:

Monday – Wednesday, June 24-26,  9:00-4:30

Thursday, June 27, 9:00-5:30

Friday, June 28, 9:00-5:00