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What do I do now?

Hey everyone, I'm not a member of ACDA, but a choir director in town advised me to ask my question here...
I have just graduated with my A.A.  Currently, I direct a chancel choir at a church where I am also the pianist/organist, I accompany a city choir here in town, I also accompany the choirs at the community college here, in addition to playing for student lessons and juries. In addition to all of this, I also work for a music publishing company where I mostly do harmonic analysis and transcription.
Here is my problem:  this Fall I will start working on my bachelor of arts as a piano major with a minor in conducting.  I was advised to attain this degree from my advisor at the college after telling her I wanted to direct a collegiate-level choral group at a university (eventually).  I will be quitting all of these jobs to move to another city and go to school.  My concern is that without an education degree, I won't be able to get a foot into the school system, nor will I have a performance degree, not even a B.M.!  I suppose my question is:  What is a B.A. good for?  Am I on the right path? I'm about to register for classes and the more I think about my future, the more unsure it seems.  Any ideas?  Suggestions?
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