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Two ChoralNet Composer World Premieres SA accompanied

Here are two new SA pieces for you and an encouragement to commission new works for your choirs.

Last year the Composers of Choral Music Community on ChoralNet held a first time commissions project.  The idea was to hook up choirs that had never commissioned a piece with composers who would write for them for a very small fee.  What an experience!  My Elementary School Choir AppleChor commissioned and premiered two works.  Greg Bartholomew wrote We Are The Dust of Stars and Chris Hutchings wrote The Water Cycle with lyrics by Julia Laylander.  These pieces had texts written specially for my school's themes of Water and Change.
Check out the Composer's Community for a list of members who you could commission.  Post in the community forum that you are interested in finding a composer to meet your needs.
The Water Cycle:
We Are the Dust of Stars: