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I've been very fortunate to visit the ACDA conference a few times in the last few years, most recently with the Tallis Scholars this year, and I hope you will forgive me for publicising my choir's current project. The choir I run with the composer John Duggan ( is in the middle of a commissioning project involving texts from the 1st World War. We have the following composers writing for us - Francis Pott, Gabriel Jackson, Cecilia McDowall, Frank Ferko, Colin Mawby, David Bednall, Alex Lestrange, Richard Allain, David Lang, Matthew Martin, John Duggan. We hope that this new collection of pieces will be a significant addition to the current repertoire, and would be very grateful for any help/suggestions regarding fund raising. We have already raised about a third of the money we need, and have had an award from the PRS. The choir itself is amateur (our most recent recording is available here) and we all give our time to it without any financial return but we intend to pay all the composers properly, so any help would be gratefully received!
Best wishes
Chris Watson
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