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Fundraiser Question: One for All or All for One

A question for those of you who do fundraisers:
Is your fundraiser a exclusive Choir Department/Program event or is your fundraiser a Music Department process involving Choir, Band and/or Orchestra?  If you do a combined fundraiser, how are the profits divided or assigned to each area?
on May 22, 2013 4:38am
We do several types of fundraisers:
1.  Student individually raises money for his/her own music trip account kept track of by ID numbers.
2.  All students in a music group fundraise for that particularly group.  Any profits made are used for the good of the whole group.
3.  Any shared fundraiser (ie ticket sales for a concert, carwash, bake sale, etc.) are split equally between all groups regardless of the size of the group.
on May 22, 2013 9:25am
I have done several different things.  When only choir is fundraising, we keep all profits. When it's a department fundrasier where we are selling items like cookie dough or magazines, we keep track of the amount per student and each group keeps what their students earned. If it's a car wash or bake sale where there is no way to keep track of who earned what, we split the profits evenly between groups. I did have a friend whose principal took 15% of each individual group's fundrasing profit every year to pay for standardized testing supplies even though she did not help in any way with their fundraisers!!!!!!!
on May 27, 2013 6:47pm
In California, it is illegal to keep "separate account" for students.  If you plan a trip, everyone attends whether they helped with any fundraising at all.  We would not go anywhere if it weren't for fundraising as our district gives me $2000.00 a year to run 6 choral ensembles a guitar class and a piano class.  There was a court case over a "free public education" and it is even illegal to charge for uniforms, folders, etc.
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