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Seghizzi Choral Competition and Festival (July 2013) Gorizia, Italy

Location: Italy
The 52nd International Competition and Festival of Choral Singing "Seghizzi"will be held from July 17th to 22st 2013, with the participation of 28 choirs from Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Estonia, Philippines, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Norway, Puerto Rico, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, Hungary, USA.
Wednesday 17th July 2013
h   4.00 p.m.           11th International Competition of choral composition (selections) 
h   5.30 p.m.           Musicological meeting on contemporary choral music 
h   9.00 p.m.           11th Seghizzinregione – Regional Concert festival in Friuli Venezia Giulia
Thursday 18th July 2013
h   4.00 a.m.           11th International Competition of choral composition (selections) 
h   5.30 p.m.           Musicological meeting on contemporary choral music
h   9.00 p.m.           Opening concert of the 52nd Choral Competition Seghizzi
                             11th Seghizzinregione – Regional Concert festival in Friuli Venezia Giulia
Friday 19th July 2013 -  52nd International Competition of Choral Singing
h    2.00 p.m.          Category 3 - Contemporary music
h    3.00 p.m.          Category 1d - 20th Century
h    9.00 p.m.          Category 1d - 20th Century 
h    9.00 p.m.          11th Seghizzinregione – Regional Concert festival in Friuli Venezia Giulia
 Saturday 20th July 2013 – 52nd International Competition of Choral Singing
h    9.00 a.m.          Category 2c, 2b – Pop music, jazz and blues , negro spiritual and gospel
h    2.00 p.m.          Categories 2a – Folk Music, traditional music
h    9.00 p.m.          Open Air party with participant choirs
Sunday 21st July 2013 – 52nd International Competition of Choral Singing
h   9.00 a.m.           Category 1c
h  12.00 p.m.          Concert - musical tribute to Giuseppe Verdi, in the bicentenary of the birth
h   4.30 p.m.           25th GRAND PRIX SEGHIZZI and 6th Trophy of the Nations
h   8.45 p.m.           Prize giving to the winning Choirs
                             Award for the 14th International Trophy of  Choral Composition
                             Proclamation of the finalist to the 11th International Competition of Choral Composition 
                             Award for the 9th National Prize “A Life for choral conducting” 
h   9.15 p.m.           Gala concert of the winning choirs
Monday 22nd July 2013
h    5.00 p.m.          Workshops, Masterclass, Performances, Concerts, Exhibitions
h    9.00 p.m.          11th Seghizzinregione – Regional Concert festival in Friuli Venezia Giulia
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