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Let´s celebrate 50th M.L.King´s Speech Anniversary by Spirituals Concerts

Location: Czech Republic
Dear Friends (Conductors, Choir Masters and Singers),
would you and your choir like to participate at this extrordinary event?
Festive Spirituals Concerts = LET FREEDOM RING = 50th M.L.King´s Speech Anniversary 
on 28 August 2013 there is 50th Anniversary of M.L.King´s famous speech "I HAVE A DREAM" where he expressed his vision of a fair world where all people would be free, equal, have hope and desire for righteousness in brotherhood and singing all together Old Spiritual Free at Last.
A Cappella Choir Geshem after organizing 8 years of Spirituals Festival in Prague, together with International A Cappella Group LET´S O! and A Cappella Group DNA are calling you - all Choirs, Vocal Groups, Bands, A Cappella groups and Singers who perform spirituals to join this event and organize your concerts (together with other Vocal groups or alone) in your town, at your place.
If you like this idea and decide to make your concert of spirituals where the ideas of M.L.King´s speech would be mentioned, please, do not forget to write us as soon as possible the brief message (Who, Where, When and How your concert/event  will be done). We collect all this inforfmation from all participants to inform all of you and media.
If you have any question, need scores of spirituals, information of M.L.King Speech or any other information, do not hesitate to contact me.
You find detailed information at the address
Marek Slechta

Marek Šlechta

Organiser of Choir´s Happening REMEMBER!                  |           +420 774 685 370,

Conductor of GESHEM A Cappella Gospel Choir              |

Leader of the International A Cappella group LET´S GO! |


Václav Brázda

External journalist for the radio Proglas                             |            +420 777 640 556

representative of CASA in the Czech Republic                  |   

Conductor of DNA A Cappella Group                                |   

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