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Rarely performed pieces

Hello Friends & Colleagues - 
I am seeking to put together a program of Renaissance and Baroque choral music that features rarely performed pieces of high quality music for a vocal ensemble of 10-12 singers. Any pieces in 4, 5, or 6 vocal parts would be great. 
If you know of any pieces that would fit the following criteria, please let me know:
4, 5, or 6 parts
Music composed between 1400 and 1750. 
English, French, Gaelic, German,Italian, and Latin.
Suggestions of pieces composed by the famouse Renaissance/Baroque composers are welcomed, just not their famous pieces, for example; Palestrina Sicut Cervus or William Byrd Mass for Five Voices or Tallis If Ye Love me or Lamentations of Jeremiah. 
Thank you for your suggestions. 
All the best, 
Alan Davis
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