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Teacher Resource Books

Hi, all
I am looking for teacher resource books which may discuss vocal technique used in chorus, vocal technique in general, choral repertoire, etc. I have Choral Musicianship: A Director's Guide to Better Singing but I'm looking for more.  
Anything choral and voice related.  Even something about anatomy of singing.  
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on May 30, 2013 4:16pm
I recommend Richard Miller's "The Structure of Singing" and Barbara Doscher's "The Functional Unity of the Singing Voice" as good resources for vocal technique and some anatomy of singing.  Scott McCoy's "Your Voice: An Inside View" is a good resource for anatomy as well as discussions on acoustics and formants.
Specific to choral conducting - I think anything by James Jordan is worth reading -- "Evoking Sound: Fundamentals of Choral Conducting and Rehearsing"; Group Vocal Technique by Frauke Haasemann and James Mark Jordan.
I haven't read this one (yet) but it's written by Dr. Jordan along with Mark Moliterno & Nova Thomas who are on the voice faculty at Westminster Choir College:  The Musician's Breath: The Role of Breathing in Human Expression by James Jordan, Mark Moliterno and Nova Thomas
on May 31, 2013 3:27am
Hi Clara,
This one is not the typical resource book, but I believe a must read for choral directors/teachers. It's perhaps the most inspirational, motivating and practical book out there. Hogey's Journal by Eph Ely. 
Hope you get a copy. 
on May 31, 2013 8:16am
Evoking Sound--Fundamentals of Choral Conducting and Rehearsing,  James Jordan,  GIA Publications 
Choral Conducting--A Symposium,  Harold Decker & Julius Herford, Prentice-Hall Inc.
Choral Conducting--Focus on Communication,  Harold Decker & Colleen Kirk, Waveland Press Inc.
on May 31, 2013 10:54pm
Brenda Smith and Robert Sataloff wrote a book that specifically applies proper vocal technique to choral singing called Choral Pedagogy. 
Good luck!
John Hubert
on June 1, 2013 11:59pm
Bodymind and Voice: Foundations of Voice Education addresses just about "everything you'd ever want to know" about voices in singing and speaking, and everything in the book is evidence-based (includes references and selected bibliographies from many sources). The comprehensive whole book is in three volumes and is divided into five multi-chapter books with cross-references:
Book I.    Bodyminds, Learning, and Self-Expression [evidence-based in the biological, neural, and psychological sciences; addresses interactions of the human nervous system, endocrine system, immune system, sensory perceptions and internal processing of life experiences (their emotion-based 'interpretations,' perceptions and memories that are in conscious awareness and outside conscious awareness, and changes in developmental capabilities and abilities), human antagonistic learning experiences, and human compatible learning experiences within general, choral, and voice lesson settings (no other publication has this perspective)]
Book II.  How Voices are Made and How they are "Played" in Skilled Singing and Speaking [evidence-based in the voice sciences]
Book III. Health and Voice Protection [evidence-based in the voice, voice medicine, respiratory, endocrine, nutrition, exercise physiology, and neuropsychobiological sciences]
Book IV.  Lifespan Voice Development [evidence-based in the voice, voice medicine, endocrine, and human growth & development sciences]
Book V.   A Brief Menu of Practical Voice Education Methods [based in the evidences within the previous books]
Further information, including reviews by users (and ordering info, if so inclined) can be found on the website of The VoiceCare Network (for some reason, the ChoralNet Link icon isn't working on my computer). Also, the most recent issue of the online International Journal of Research in Choral Singing [ ] contains a review of choral/vocal pedagogy books that includes Bodymind and Voice, and the issue's editorial reflects a perspective that is taken in B & V.
Be well, Ciara.
on June 2, 2013 6:29am
'The Bel Canto Buzz' by Debra Lynn gives the best, & easiest to understand, explanation of good singing technique that I've read.
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