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CPDL Magnificat

I am looking for recommendations for Magnificat settings from CPDL.  My volunteer SATB community chorus has about 40 members. I am looking for something that is not more than 5 minutes.  Thank you!
on June 17, 2013 1:42pm
Are you looking for one in Latin? Are you focused on any particular time periods? And, are you ok with solos or small ensembles along with large chorus
I was looking at Magnificats this weekend, and there are two or three that I enjoyed, all under 5 minutes, but all in English:
Stanford in B flat
Stanford in G:
This one has a sop solo.
And one by Michael Wise:
This one has small groups/solos and chorus.
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on June 18, 2013 6:04am
There is the lovely Purcell setting in g minor. The Stanford C major is probably his least difficult. With 40 singers, you could do his a cappella Magnificat for double choir. Much longer than 5 minutes, though.  We sang lots of Stanford during my years at Church of the Ascension (Episcopal) in NYC under Dennis Keene. I have yet to meet a Stanford piece that I don't like to sing. If Latin is allowed, there are several settings by Lassus, who rarely disappoints. Another that I remember from Ascension is Howell's setting from the "Collegium Regale" is quite nice, too; a little darker than most, but there is a rare sense of wonder in it. Charles Wood, T. Tertius Noble, and Brewer. Surely there must be skads of short Mag performances of many, many different settings on Youtube. I'd love to be directing at a church in which I could use a good bit of liturgical music; so many treasures out there. Happy hunting.
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on June 18, 2013 12:56pm
There are a lot to choose from. Most of the Anglican ones are written to be sung with a companion Nunc Dimittis. The exuberant D major setting with organ by Herbert Brewer is on CPDL and is a favourite of many.
You may be interested that Herbert Howells wrote a Magnificat as part of his Dallas canticles. It won't be on CPDL yet, though.
For a standalone Magnificat, settings written for Catholic Vespers are more likely, especially if you want to do them unaccompanied. Thom Baker is quite right about Lassus. I would add Victoria but he may be longer than you wish. There are plenty of words in the text so five minutes doesn't give you so much room.
So many to choose from. You could fill an entire concert program if you wanted.
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