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Experience with Vaughan Williams' Benedicite?

I'm thinking of programming the Benedicite for my spring church choir concert and I'd like to hear from anyone with thoughts about this. I prepared and conducted it once with a community choir and organ-only about 10 years ago and it really went well, and it keeps coming back in my head. I really like the piece and it doesn't seem to be done very often.
My choir is about 40 to 45 voices, mixed abilities, but rises to these occasions very well. In the past few years we've done Rutter Gloria, the Durufle and Faure Requiems, Lauridsen Lux Aeterna and all went well, all with light orchestra (except the Durufle, organ only).
I'd like to hear from people with experience or thoughts about the Benedicite. In particular, I'd like opinions on
- the difficulty in teaching to a church/community choir
- the idea of performing it with organ on the keyboard reduction with light instrumentation (maybe 2,2,2,1, winds, percussion).
- how I can get ahold of an orchestra score for this piece? Anybody have one they would like to sell?
- any used choral scores anybody would like to sell?
Steve Coggeshall
Director, St Therese of Carmel Church Choir
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