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International Scholarship Opportunities

Hello all,
I am a Music Education undergraduate who has developed a strong interest to travel and familiarize myself with different singing cultures. An example being klapa singing in Croatia, as well as the strong choral tradition in Estonia. I am curious in finding out if there are scholarship opportunities to travel, experience, and research internationally. I don't really know what resources are available, if any, so I don't have any specifics. However, I am open for any advice.
A rather specific example: I would like to travel to Estonia for the Lalupidu festival in July 2014, but probably could not afford it on my own. I'm wondering if there is a foundation that might provide financial assistance as a means to further my education, or to reward my strong academics, or maybe to work/volunteer.
I'm also familiar with opera programs that invite young singers to train for several weeks internationally (e.g. Are there similar programs that would be more conducting/education/choral based?
Essentially, I'm looking to travel and strengthen my musicianship, and would need financial assistance of some kind. Please let me know if there is anything you might suggest.
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