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Musical Theater Class

Beginning this coming school year, I am going to teach a MS class called Musical Theater.  Since this is a new course offering for our school, my principal asked me to come up with a course description so that it can be presented to the school board for approval.  No problem, that was fairly easy, until she asked for "textbook" and "online learning" to add to it today.
Textbook???? I teach choir without a textbook, and had planned to do the same for musical theater.  I have a lot of different drama and theater books with which to draw activities.  We have State Standards for Theater, which I would be incorporating, as well as the standards in Music and some in Dance.  Does anyone in here teach a musical theater class using a textbook?  For now, I put down one I plan to use as a resource: Theatre Arts 1: A Teacher's Guide, and its student handbook counterpart. 
Online activities????  For now, I put down as a resource, but for me, not necessarily for kids.  It's my opinion that students in a musical theater should be interacting with each other, not a screen. (I have the same attitude towards choir.)   However, if someone has suggestions for online websites, I'd love to hear about them.

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