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Music Ideas for "Winter Holidays Around the World" theme?

 The theme  for my adult community chamber choir concert  this December is going to be "Winter Holidays Around the World".  We are looking for  music that comes from other cultures, and uses  melodies and harmonies representative of  that culture.  We have several Hanukkah songs on file already,  but would like to present music from a variety of  geographic regions. Public school children are part of our program, so we choose music that is more secular.  We do not ignore Christmas, but use songs that do not emphasize religious aspects.
Thank you, 
Judith Tugendreich  
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on June 22, 2013 7:11am
Hi Judith,
i have a piece that has worked well for the reasons you mention... "World of Many Colors" may fit your criteria and be something your choir and audience will enjoy. Please email me for a pdf score. It is available in SATB with full orchestration, or piano and djembe accompaniment. Thanks!
on June 22, 2013 7:55am
And here is another suggestion:  We Bring You Peace, which is a winter-themed song which has a very slight religious feeling, published by EC Schirmer, can be reviewed here: 
Judith Shatin
McIntire Department of Music
University of Virginia
on June 22, 2013 11:25am
Canasg Music publishes holiday music from the following places:  Scotland (including the lovely Taladh Chriosda and the traditional Auld Lang Syne), England, Wales (for male voices), France, Germany, and Ukraine (a fine set of 15 carols, in English, many of them on the secular side).  You can browse the Christmas section of the catalog here.  Delivery is in the form of a PDF file which you are licensed to copy as required.
Best wishes
Sheena Phillips
on June 23, 2013 9:09am
Hi again, 
Thank you all for the inquiries into my music. I completely forgot about another piece which might be interesting for you. "Rejoice!" is a Celtic style arrangement of O Come O Come Emmanuel, (so it has a holiday sound) but I wrote alternate text for my community choir in the style of Anuna (if i might be so bold). The text is celebratory and uplifting, but non-religious in nature. It is available in either english or celtic phonetics with SATB and orchestra. Please email me for a copy of the pdf score. I do not have an audio representation yet, but am working on that. As "World of Many Colors" this piece also can skip the orchestral intro, but is best when the interplay between voices, bodhran, oboe, flute, and violin are represented. 
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