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Church Choir Copyright Questions

Soon I will be music director at a church and I had some questions reguarding the legality of the certian things dealing with the church choir (and congregational numbers). The church does have CCLI. 
1. Is it all right to record (on the piano) the SATB choral parts and post them online for the choir members to stream so they can learn the parts of a harder piece (Christmas/Easter Cantata)
2. The church I may be working at has a TV/Radio station (soon to be online streaming) that they broadcast their services on. Does the church need special licenses to play the congregational singing and choral numbers on the tv/radio and streaming?
Thanks a lot! :) 
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on June 25, 2013 3:17am
Generally, recording working copies of pieces - strictly for learning purposes - is OK. Although, now that I've read the WIKI on the CCLI, I think you need to contact them to make sure.
I suspect that your church will also need to buy a broadcast license from ASCAP/BMI/SEASAC for the streaming, as from what I've read, the CCLI doesn't cover that (you should double check your contract.) If your music is all CCLI published, then ASCAP (et al) may not be necessary.
CCLI will probably be your best resource for help in this.
on June 26, 2013 4:00am
Be cautious about CCLI as they only represent a segment of the repertoire and only for certain very specific uses. There's no quick and easy way to avoid doing your homework on these questions.
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on June 27, 2013 6:53am
You are absolutely right, but I have found CCLI to be a great starting place.  They represent most Christian publishers, and it is very easy to search their data base through SongSelect.  But again, I do agree - they do not represent every publisher, and the license is specific, which I've tried to communicate to our staff.  Many times.  Sigh.
on June 26, 2013 6:20am
There is a special license that you can purchase through CCLI to create rehearsal recordings and to stream. These are special licenses above and beyond what you already have with the basic CCLI license. CCLI works with more publishers for the streaming and rehearsal licenses than they do for the basic hymn reprint service. The basic CCLI license does not cover reproduction of audio recordings or choral anthems - ONLY hymn/contemporary song texts and tune reprints as listed in their database. (which covers more of the traditional choral publishers than CCLI) also has a similar license available. 
Our church subscribes to all 3 licensing services (CCLI, OneLicense and LicenSingOnline) for worship, and all three have some form of rehearsal license and streaming license now.
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