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Spain's Cantoría Hipponensis next performance: VIII "MOLTO ALLEGRO" Concert

Location: Spain
Truly sorry that this is over ... at least when it comes to Cantoría Hipponensis 2012-13 Coral Course this Sunday, June 30 at 11:30 am at the Palau de la Música in Valencia, when we will end one year of enthusiastic preparations for our program. 
Perhaps we have not been able to express well the term "end", and we should have said, "debut", present or, to use an expression more aligned with the theme, "we will put scores to the lyrics" what throughout the course has become our daily Coral work .
With satisfaction we return to El Palau de la Musica after the brief parenthesis of one year, although scheduling requirements will make the 8th edition of our "Molto Allegro" to be a morning event, rather than typical  evening. Never mind, ... music blessed!
Cantoría Hipponensis will offer the audience a first part in which, accompanied on the piano by Maestro Arturo Barba and under the commnad of our  beloved Conductor,  Immaculada Burriel, we will  interpret a brief selection of pieces of the 2oth century:
Ojos Brujos-Creole-Gonzalo Roig / Arr. E. Silva
Jacinto Chiclana Astor Piazzolla / JL Borges
Te quiero A. Favero / L. Cangiano
Blue Moon R. Rodgers / L. Hartz
Yesterday J. Lennon / P. Mc. Cartney / L. Klohs
Can't help falling in love Weiss / Peretti / Creatore
Que tinguiem sort Lluis Llach tinguem
In the second part, it  will be accomplished, (at least for us), one of the desires of almost every chorus of the world.i.e performing CARMINA BURANA  by Carl Orff.
And we will do it with the best guarantees of success as we count with the privileged voices of the very young soprano Eva Paula Bonora Guasp and baritone Vicente Gimeno Antequera, that will play the solo roles, while the Polyphonic Choir of Virgen del Castillo of  Chiva Santa Cecilia of Chelva (both in Valencia) c9onducted by Raul Martinez Villanueva along with Cantoría Hipponensis under Immaculada Burriel, forming a massive choir for the event.  
The instrumental contribution, will be deliverd by the piano of Arturo Barba and the Band of Santa Cecilia of Chelva under the baton of Juan Manuel Alarcon Garcia who also assumes the responsibility of being the musical director of the ensemble.
Admission is free. Seating is limited and tickets can be obtained in the Palau box office that will be open two hours before the performace.
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