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Carol for Soprano, Alto, Cambiata

New Christmas song with limited but interesting (F to D) cambiata part and very independent piano part.  You probably won't even notice it, but it is written to be sung in just intonation, with the piano part carefully written to avoid tuning clashes with pure tuning of the singers. 
Come, Come All Ye Shepherds  SAC, Piano  3 minutes
Online Perusal:
Recording: (electronic rendition, it has not yet been performed)  Notes and order info
William Copper
on July 1, 2013 8:06am
Update: I posted all the above, plus a new children's-use score and individual part recordings on the Choralnet Composer Community Library  linked here: </A>
and a little farther down the same page, another Carol, same forces, same score formats available, "Soft, O Soft"
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