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O Holy Night arrangements

At my school we are planning on beginning a tradition at our Christmas Concert of ending with "O Holy Night".  We would like to have the audience participate in one verse and invite alumni to join us on stage.  This will include our Upper school students as well as the Lower school students (singing the melody).  
What is your best suggestion for an arrangement that would work well for this?
on June 27, 2013 5:07am
James Biery's arrangement (GIA Publications) is worth a look.  Scored for SATB with optional solo/ensemble voices singing the first half of each verse.  
on June 27, 2013 5:58am
I am not sure it fills the audience participation part of your request. But, I have an arrangement of O Holy Night that some are using annually with their ensembles. It is a solo (or split into three) accompanied by 25 familiar carols (sung by the choir) and piano accompaniment. The alumni come back and sing it with the ensemble every year.
on June 27, 2013 11:29pm
I cast a vote for John Rutter's arrangement. I compared versions one year and preferred his over many others. He maintains the 12/8 we all love about the song and keeps the harmonies simple and expected.
on June 28, 2013 6:18am
John Leavitt's arrangement is great, though it doesn't have an MGM finish.  Pretty easy, optional solo, in SATB/SAB/SSA/TBB versions that could be combined for a mass choir. From Brookfield Press/Hal Leonard.
on July 15, 2013 7:35am
O Holy Night by Brian Luckner - Beautiful!!  You can listen to the sample audio here: 
on August 20, 2013 4:54pm
Thanks for the suggestions!
on August 21, 2013 4:22am
I have an arrangement that might work. send me your email for a copy
Jerome Malek
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