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Prison Choirs: Seeking All Programs and Directors in US Facilities

I have been researching prison choirs for over 10 years and I founded and direct the Oakdale Prison Community Choir in Iowa (comprised of both incarcerated men and women and men from outside prison) in 2009. I have been compiling a list of all people who come into a prison to direct prison choirs, primarily non-religious choirs, but I am happy to include individuals who come into a prison to direct worship choirs as well. Sometimes prisons pay a contractor to come and teach music, particularly in juvenile faciltiies. I welcome this information as well.
This information is both for a book about music and prisons I am writing, and for a new research website that will be a good place to go for more information about the topic. In the book I will be highlighting a number of these programs, as well as discuss strategies for starting a prison choir.
I know about the following prison choir directors: Cathy Roma, Bea Hasselmen, Andre De Quadros, Kirk Carson, Elvera Voth, Marles Preheim, Lyle Stutzman, Heather Herschberger, Peg Forstad, Frank Abrahams, and Kate Munger.
Who else directs prison choirs in the US (currently or recently)? I appreciate any contacts and details you can provide. If you know people in Canada, I welcome that info as well.
Thank you!
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