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Is Choir Specific Social Media a pipe dream? ChoirPlace says NO

Trying to see how many people are aware of a website called ChoirPlace. It is as I said, choir specific social media. Choirs from all over the world have accounts on this site and are posting videos of performances, blogs, etc. You can actually communicate with different groups. One of the questions you're asked upon creating a page for a new choir is "Would you be interested in hosting a choir?" These people are serious about connecting the choral community world wide. They launched in 2011 and they're already helping to link together hundreds of choirs across the planet. Just take a look at their choir map. Fascinating stuff.
Is anyone on Choralnet familiar with this site already? Have you found it useful?
What if this site actually took off and became a legitimate resource? This could yield very positive results for us all.
My advice? Get on there and create an account for yourself and pages for your choir. Upload whatever videos you have of performances (the amount of literature on this website is astounding... hard to find stuff too.) Encourage your choir members to sign up and join as members of the page you create for your choir. Then find choirs who have similar interests and begin communicating with each other! Then we'll just have to see how big this gets...
The people running the site are extremely helpful and open to suggestions about how to make the site work better. For example, on June 24th I suggested they add the capability of keeping track of videos you've favorited. I recieved a reply acknowledging my comment that day and they said they'd look into it. Later that week I recieved another email informing me that my suggestion is now a reality on the website. That was fast!
I suggest we as a community jump on this resource and make it useful just as we've done for choralnet, CPDL, and others. Technology is opening doors for us, I say we run on through.
on October 13, 2014 2:40pm
I just searched ChoralNet for "ChoirPlace" and found your post. I'm surprised no else replied. It seems like a good site -- I signed up and will look for you there. 
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