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50th M.L.King´s Speech "I HAVE A DREAM" Anniversary/CAMPAIGN

Location: Czech Republic
After a lot of communication with groups, choirs, bands, churches, human rights organization etc. regarding concerts commemorating the famous M.L.Kinig´s speech „I have a dream“ 50 years ago we came to the decision that  LET FREEDOM RING would be a CAMPAIGN with this rules:
1) Any vocal group, choir, ensemble, who would organize a concert of spirituals from 1 July 2013 to 31 December 2013 and mentions the idea of M.L.King´s speech and informs us about this fact via e-mail, would be given into the list of participants. This list is for the participants and for media.
2) Program of the concert is supposed to be defined as American Spiritual that was always bound with the fights and efforrt for freedom. Any other related music is also welcome but let the spirituals have prestigious status there. 
3) The date of the 50th anniversary is 28/8/2013 but as many of the vocal bodies who would like to take part at this celebration are not able to organnize their concert just this day, we would consider all participants from 1 July 2013 to 31 december, 2013.
4) Registration how and why? E-mail your data to the below address and we will inform you and media about all the participants inlcuding you. You will do the same towards your contacts. We would help you to be visible and you would help us to be visible. The effect would be that we together create strong markeating tool! Further more: All of us will have contacts to all participants for the future activities.
5) Data of registration: The name of the vocal group, choir or ensemble, the name of the leader, the address, e-mail and telephone connection. The place, date and time of  LET FREEDOM RING concert you organize, including list of other participants if there are any. 
Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question. The list of the registered vocal groups and media partners you find at under the file LET FREEDOM RING.
Marek Šlechta Organiser of Choir´s Happening REMEMBER!                             +420 774 685 370, Conductor of GESHEM A Cappella Gospel Choir,                Leader of the International A Cappella group LET´S GO!,   
Václav Brázda External journalist for the radio Proglas                                          +420 777 640 556 representative of CASA in the Czech Republic                      Conductor of DNA A Cappella Group                                    
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