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Elizabethan "4 Seasons" group: Autumn needed

I'm looking for a contemporary setting of an Elizabethan "autumn"-themed poem to round out an Elizabethan 4-Seasons group. So far, I have George Shearing's "Live with me and be my love," Rutter's "Blow, blow thou winter wind," and the Matthew Harris setting of "When daffodils begin to peep."
This is for a chamber choir of 24, SATB with minimal divisi (SSATB is fine), with piano acc. or unaccompanied. Text does not have to be Shakespeare...
on July 11, 2013 3:22am
Have you tried Jussi Chydenius' 'Autumn' published by Oxford University Press.
It's a beautiful piece.
Best Wishes
on July 11, 2013 5:57am
i would recommend any of the seasonal songs by Gustav Holst; you can select from the list of cpdl. some of them are still published by Novello.
i  am fond of "The Autumn is Old", and you'll find recordings of it on YouTube and elsewhere.
if you want Renaissance. here's a lovely madrigal:
Ben Sei Felice Autunno  Ippolito Baccusi (1550-1609)
and surely you're going to perform Kosma's Autumn Leaves? there's a great a cappella arrangement by andrew carter (published by Banks Music in York, England).
hope this helps,
philip barnes
st. louis (mo)
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