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Women's Choir pieces about singing, songs, etc.

Hello all!
I conduct an adult women's chorus and am thinking of doing a program of pieces about singing, (or that mention singing!)
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated- from unison to many parts, any accompaniment.  I will post all results!
Thank you!
Jenn Goodner
Artistic Director, Tapestry Singers
Austin, TX
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on July 16, 2013 7:52am
Top of my list would be "One Voice" by Canadian singer/songwriter Ruth Moody.  Elektra has recorded it (iTunes).  The music can be purchased online at
Other suggestions would be:

Harp of Wild - Allan Bevan *
Here's to Song- Allistair MacGillivray, arr. Diane Loomer *
Joy - Kathleen Allan (there is also a setting of the same Teasdale poem by John Muelheisen which we haven't sung) *
Lauliku Lapsepoli- Veljo Tormis (translation: The Bard's Childhood) *
Music for a While - Henry Purcell, arr. Gunnar Eriksson, adapted by Maria Gamborg Helbekkmo (recording available by Voci Nobili)
Though Philomela Lost her Love - Thomas Morley - the 3-part madrigal - probably on
What Sweeter Music - Eleanor Daley - This is a Christmas piece *
Publisher information for each should be at click on "Repertoire Resources".  And recordings of the ones with asterisks are on iTunes.  I would be happy to answer any questions you have about any of these.
Have fun with your theme!
Morna Edmundson, Artistic Director, Elektra Women's Choir
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