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Seeking Christmas Music?

OK, I've joined this community but I'm not sure what the point is--yet. I'd respectfully suggest that the community be renamed "Seeking New Christmas Music" or "Seeking New Holiday Music," otherwise us composers will just be parading our titles to each other--no harm but doesn't generate performances.
As an observing Reform Jew I don't write actual Christmas music but I do offer 2 novelties, "Flopsy the Christmas Pup" (cute) about pet adoption and "The Chocolate Carol" (funny), both of which are good for ecumenical Winter/Holiday Concerts that are not made up exclusively of Christian music celebrating the birth of the Christ. Also for Holiday concerts, I have "Chanukah Tonight," a lively, characteristic quick primer for non-Jews; Bunny Thornburgh of Cantori Domino said it was the best Chanukah song she's seen (she's also High Holy Days choir director at Stephen S. Wise Temple up on the hill in LA).
I've posted these in various versions on the Announcements-new sheet music threads and gotten some nibbles and performances, but would like to grow that trickle to a big river. Any suggestions are welcome.
Best regards,
David Avshalomov
(PS, Hi, Adrienne!)
on July 29, 2013 5:06pm
Hi David!
Nice to see you here with your wonderful music.
I am in agreement with you about posting our holiday music to each other in this forum.  I wonder if Jack Senzig could direct us as to how to expand this community to include choral directors, and others who might be interested in find new Holiday music.
I'm not terribly savvy in manuvering these pages.  Any help woud be greatly appreciated.
All best,
Adrienne Albert
on September 23, 2013 11:47am
Hello David,
I absolutely agree with a change of title.  Your point is so valid.
That said, I have just put up on Score exchange a TTBB arrangement of Star of my Heart - a kind of carol. Anymale Voice choir interested?
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