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iPod as recording device

My mom is a children's choir conductor and I'm posting on behalf of her (I'm a little more computer savvy). She is wondering how well an iPod Touch functions to record music. Some specific questions I have:
(1) Does it have a record function?
(2) Does it have a built in microphone? Is it any good?
(3) Can it accept an external microphone?
(4) Can you set a fixed level? Alternatively, does it have an ALC that doesn't mess with the dynamics in an unnatural way?
(5) Can a non-computer savvy person easily learn to use iTunes to download and organize their recordings?
Also the iPad would be a possibility, but the iPhone might do everything I need for less money.
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on July 31, 2013 8:08am
Thanks, everyone. It sounds like the iPod Touch could work. These recordings are meant for memories of special events, or learning through feedback. Quality is nice, but just as important for my mom is ease of use. I know she will like using iTunes to download and organize recordings.
I'm not clear on whether the iPod touch has an automatic gain control, manual gain control, or fixed gain. It sounds like Carter is saying that it has fixed gain and can go into clipping if the signal is too loud, which is a bad thing. And there's no way to turn down the gain? An automatic gain control would be best, as long as it operates gently and doesn't disturb the perception of dynamics too much.
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