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Cheap(er) musicals for high school

I am starting my third year at a high school and the choral program has been around for just five years. I have started a few things up already (and trying to change many things for the better!) and I am playing with the idea of doing a spring musical production. The issues I am running into are cost and size: we have a little budget and can do some fundraising but it won't be half of what musicals usually run, and we don't have much of a performance space (a small black box and a gym). Any suggestions of cheap (free?) musicals high schoolers might be interested in that are (or can be made into) small productions?  Any help would be appreciated!
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on August 10, 2013 10:00am
I, too, would suggest NOT doing a no-name musical. I think it is a better move to choose a show where you can save money on the costumes and set. You can fundraise and sell tickets to cover the licensing cost. Find a show that only has a rock combo or small instrumentation. You can go to MTI or any of the other licensing places and search for shows by instrumentation, set requirements, etc. Good luck!!
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