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Information on The Negro Spiritual Project

Does anyone know anything about "The Negro Spiritual Project?" Organizer is Leela Miller. My university choir has been invited to participate in Houston in November. Organizers are saying it will be a broadcast as a miniseries on the BBC and broadcast later in winter 2014 on PBS. It includes a massed collegiate choir with full professional orchestra with performance at The Lakewood Church (Joel Olsteen) and all expenses paid for participants. A similar program is supposed to be scheduled in Atlanta in September by The Negro Spiritual Project. Any information positive or negative will be much appreciated.
on August 5, 2013 8:14pm
I suggest you not waste your time as this "project" has been postponed 5 times over the last couple years. I'm not certain that it will ever come to fruition. I no longer believe this to be a legitamate project worth my participation.
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