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Audition for Schola Cantorum on Hudson

Location: New Jersey, USA
Choir type: Chamber Choirs and Vocal Ensembles
Voicing: Mixed
            This highly acclaimed 35-voice choir, whose New Jersey residence is in Montclair at The Church of the Immaculate Conception, is actively auditioning in all voice ranges through September 5th, after which auditions will only be entertained as openings may remain.  SCH was the producer of Montclair’s recent, highly popular Mozart in Montclair, Schola Summer Choral Festival.
            Schola Cantorum on Hudson is entering its 19th season, and has developed a reputation for beauty of tone and for its unique programming style designed for maximum relevance and impact, referred to as ‘choral drama.’  Singers are a mix of active professionals, emerging professionals, and experienced avocational musicians.  Solo technique is supported in SCH approach to ensemble tone, and all soloists are selected from among the professionally-trained members. Requisites for auditioning include previous choral experience, music-reading ability, and a clear voice with good intonation.
            Schola’s theme for the upcoming season is Singing Our Stories, and will explore how we all deepen our humanity through music and through the lessons emerging from children’s literature.  There will be a special focus on children, particularly in the second and third concert offerings in the season.  All of Schola’s concerts are produced in both Manhattan and in Montclair.  The season will culminate in a tour to the Eastern block in July of 2014, shortly following the second annual Schola Summer Choral Festival.
Of unique interest:
  • All concerts produced in both Manhattan* and Montclair, NJ**
  • Largely (but not exclusively) new music;
  • Repertoire presented with contextual accessibility for maximum relevance and impact - ‘choral theatre;’
  • All voice types and sizes are welcome to audition, with solo technique supported in approach to ensemble tone; soloists selected from among professionally-trained members.
Those interested should go to the SCH website below and sign up for an audition.