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Palestrina Sicut Cervus partbooks?

Anyone found any partbooks for Palestrina's "Sicut Cervus" online or in print?  I'd love to give my choir the opportunity to sing this in partbook format, but have had no luck finding anything.
David E.
on August 19, 2013 10:30pm
If you contact me at smacmus(a) I can let yoou have the individual voice parts from my CPDL edition. Not exactly partbooks but a modern equivalent,
if you will. Do you want modern day or authentic clefs?
Stuart McIntosh
on August 20, 2013 3:08am
Hi David. I also looked for this kind of thing and ended up doing my own in Sibelius. It doesn't take very long. I can send you Byrd Ave Verum and Tallis O Nata Lux if you like. 
on August 20, 2013 3:45am
Hi David:
You could try scanning the score into a music notation program and then extract and print the parts.  You could even take them to a business copier and blow them up to quarto size or larger and have the voice part section "gather 'round" to read and sing them.
Please let us know how your choir likes this experience.
Tom Seniow
on August 20, 2013 6:11am
The problem with extracting the parts is that the barlines are still there. My Byrd and Tallis transcriptions are without barlines and that makes a real difference. It isn't tricky to do and is very much worth it. Am happy to share my editions with anyone. I've also done Byrd Vigilate. 
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