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Repertoire for World Hunger concert

In January I am conducting a concert with the local symphony to raise money to help alleviate world hunger.  The concert will be in a symphonic Pops genre, with a mass choir of 80 or more singers on the junior college/high school level.  Much of the concert will be orchestral, so as not to burden participating choirs too much from their own preparations for concerts, contests, etc.
Not all of the music must deal with the theme - I'm planning on a medley from the Sound of Music as well as the Battle Hymn - but I'm looking for a good closer piece that is a "one world," "let's help one another," or similar theme.  It needs to have orchestral accompaniment and be a crown pleaser.  Currently I'm thinking of "Let There Be Peace on Earth," but maybe you all have another suggestion?
on August 25, 2013 6:11am
Not a closer, and not orchestral, but consider programming "Famine Song" arranged by Matthew Culloton. It would be nice to feature the choir in something a cappella, and that piece fits your theme perfectly.
I'm blanking on a closer. Good luck to you.
on August 25, 2013 7:28am
Hello, Jim
Please consider my piece "World of Many Colors" with full orchestration and choir. I will be happy to send you a pdf of the score for your perusal.
on August 25, 2013 11:07am
Hi Jim,
Sounds like a nice event. Please look/listen to my new song, "Let the Children Play and Learn in Peace", here:
It is SAB with piano and flutes. It would be an easy matter for me  to add strings if you choose it and i have a little lead time.
The tune is simple and appealing and there is a nice harmony section and a canonic one before the end.
Lyrics are below.
Let me know if it is of interest.
David Avshalomov
Composer, Singer, Conductor
Santa Monica, CA
Special Citation Winner, American Prize 2012, Orchestral Composition
Dual Finalist, American Prize 2013, Choral and Orchestral Composition
Winner, Sul Ross State University Wind Ensemble Composition Contest 2013
ACDA Silver Platter Award 2012 for Choral Repertoire of Outstanding Quality
“Polifonija” Sacred Choral Music Competition 2013, Siauliai State Chamber Choir, Lithuania, Second Prize
(My Beautiful Dream)
Let the children play and learn in Peace,
Help them grow up strong and healthy.
If we teach them wisely, they may come to heal the World.
Let the children learn and grow in Peace.
Children are the Dreamers of our World
And our duty to them is very clear.
If we work together we can give them
A dream of a future without fear.
Show them all the beauty in the World.
Show them Nature’s strength and glory.
And in Global Healing we will come to heal ourselves,
Take our place as guardians of the Earth.
Help your people and community.
Make a difference and always do your part.
Work for justice, care for those in need.
Keep compassion and kindness in your heart
If they grow up strong and clear and smart,
They’ll return the World to balance;
They can heal the forests, and the sky and sea and land.
Let them play and learn and grow in Peace.
May they heal the World and live In Peace.
In Peace.
on August 26, 2013 5:31pm
Hi Jim,
This sounds like a fabulous concert.  Please consider my "A Choral Quilt of Hope" set to an adaptation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by Susan Suntree.  The entire piece has not yet been premiered and would probably be too long for your concert (14 minutes).  However, the Preamble might be a good closer which runs abou 3 minutes and,if you are interested, I could orchestrate it.  Currently, the accompaniment is for piano or organ.  I'm happy to send you a perusal score if you are interested.  Please visit:
Look forward to being in touch.
Freedom of Speech
Freedom of Belief
Freedom from Fear and from Want
Freedom, justice and peace in the world we proclaim
As the greatest hope of everyone everywhere.
Adrienne Albert
Finalist for the 21013 American Prize for Orchestra
Semi-finalist for the 2013 American Prize for Choral Music
on August 27, 2013 6:45am
Thank you, all, for your suggestions.  Classes just started and I can't focus on this right now.  I will get back as soon as I come up for air!
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