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Choral Music Storage Boxes from JW Pepper

Has anyone here used them?  We are locked into using filing drawers for storing a huge library of almost 1500 titles.  To date we've used file folders to store music in the drawers, but alas, the folders do not last very long.  I'm considering the Pepper boxes (almost identical to the Gamble white boxes).  They are very economical at only .60 each and come in 1", 2", and 3" sizes, all the same price.  My concern is obvious...will they last?  Any experience with them?
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on September 27, 2013 9:58pm
I'm 74 and 5 years ago I better organized the 600 titles we had in storage - they were in Pepper boxes - 3 sizes.  However, when you pull one off the shelf, the music would fall out the back!  So the end of the box that contains pre-printed areas for you to write in the title, arr./composer, etc. got PERMANENTLY  taped with clear 2" tape (make X or squiggle on that end of box first).  So then the open end of the box was void of anything.  On that blank sea of white contained hand written by you:  enough room at top for a circle of red or green etc. solid circle of color in case you wanted to make green for your Christmas titles, etc.  Then in heavy black marker the title, maybe the arr/composer with a smaller Sharpie, SATB, SSA, etc under that, maybe handbells, flute - in case another group or soloist was presenet.  Then at the very bottom you can pencil in the number of copies.
That way our director can stand there and read titles etc, and not need a computer.  Our music is in the handbell room behind massive louvered doors.  It was custom made for the J W Pepper boxes when the church was built 50 - 60 years ago.  We are the oldest congregation in Arkansas - not the oldest building.  Hope this helps.  I have a degree in church music (voice) and brass.....still sing and play in about 5 groups.
I'm hoping Pepper still carries those boxes.  glen
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