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Song That Needs Writing

At church today I spoke with a man who was shot down in Germany during WWII.  What a tale he has to tell; dogfights, being a POW...  It made me think I would like to write a song to thank men and women who have sacrificed so much for me to keep my freedoms. 
It would be a tricky text.  I would like it to be Christian for use in general or for a final commendation.   Dealing with the terrible moral struggle a Christian soldier must face juxteposed with the sense of duty and gratitude from the community would be difficult.
Anyone interested in collaborating?  I call composer of melody.  Lyricisist? Arranger?  I have a genuine admiration for this man and others like him.  There are not many left from WWII so this is a project with some urgency.  It could be writtten for all soldiers.
With my marketing hat on.  This sort of piece could be very successful.  A third grade teacher wrote a thank-you song for his/her kids to sing which has received a ton of views online.  Many people have deep feelings about this. 
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on September 1, 2013 6:05pm
Hello Jack,
This is an intriguing, beckoning, even timely idea as, unfortunately, the world still has need of soldiers and probably always will.
I have long been involved in writing a variety of blessings, entrance songs, hymns, songs and carols, anthems, commissionings and so on, even a requiem– the Titanic Requiem, performed in a dozen US and Canadian towns and cities over the past two years, culminating with a performance this month at France’s Choralies. I wrote a great deal of this music in my capacity as a church (mainly Anglican/Episcopalian and United Church) organist and choir director. Most of this involved collaborations with sacred-text writers. Even though I have written my own texts on occasion – e.g. A Child’s Carol – I do best when I am working with someone else’s words.
I’d be interested in a collaboration. My previous output in this area may be viewed at
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on September 4, 2013 2:13pm
    Thanks for stepping up.  Let's make this happen.  Now we need a lyricist.  There were several commenting here for awhile.  If we don't get a volunteer I will start asking. 
   Are there others that would like to take on a narrow role in collaboration with others.  Post your ideas here in the forum and see if you get any bites.  I think this is an excellent social and professional vehicle for expression.  I really enjoyed collaborating with Linda and Robert on our recent "Unfinished Melodies."

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