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Recruiting and Retaining Students in a small district

I teach vocal music in a small rural schoold district. I have been at this school for six years and have always had small groups, but good groups. However, I have had lots of turnover. Most of my students in my high school choir have been freshmen and sophmores because of scheduling conflicts with required classes for the upperclassmen. I would really like to see this progam grow, but I am having trouble retaining students and sometimes in recruiting new ones. As a result, my choir has gotten a little smaller each year. 
Please help! I could really use some suggestions on how to recruit more students and retain more of the older ones. I teach PreK-12th grade, and I only spend one hour a day in the high school setting. This makes recruiting extra challenging at times. How can I reach out to students to try to get them interested in choir? How can I make my choir class fun, a place the kids want to be, without compromising the integrity of the curriculum? I would truly appreciate all thoughts and suggestions. Thank you for your input. 
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