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combined concert?

For the past 7 years our elementary school has had separate Chorus and Band concerts. Mainly due to the choral programs
numbers (grade 3-6) and the logistics or moving around choruses of 100 students each on and off stage with an easy
tranistion so as not to loose the audience. I run a pretty tight ship, the instrumental guy is sloppy with the kids and does not have
the same expectations for the students' performances.The admin. has reduced both groups (band/chorus) rehearsal times to 9 before
the concert. I feel that my program may get a bit smaller, but I still think separate evenings is a good thing. More music scheduled
for parents to come out and see (visibility) and the students can focus on just one thing and not be scattered or worried about both.
My instrumental teacher wants the concerts "combined" because he "can't carry a concert" and can only do two songs (?) I suggested he
focus a bit more on small ensemble works that will really show off the lesson groups' growth. By the way, I have a masters in instrumental
music and taught it and general/vocal music for over 10 years before becoming solely general vocal. Am I unreasonable? Can anyone
who does have them on separate evenings give me any more in terms of justification in case this becomes a huge issue? Open minded and
would appreciate feedback.
on September 8, 2013 1:29pm
Based on your description, I would be inclined to keep the concerts separate as well. Especially if there is duplication of personnel. I would also think combining concerts could get lengthier than an audience would appreciate. With the exception of our spring pops show, my middle school choir concerts are right at 45 minutes long. I've never had a parent complain about a concert being too short! At our school, the band directors do a fall showcase with their beginning students. Each instrumnet section of the band is introduced and then plays a short piece, (usually in unison, sometimes in a two-part harmony- of course percussion is different). Then the entire band plays two or three songs together. The directors introduce themselves and the high school instructors who come to help in the afternoons. The whole thing takes about 40 minutes and is very positively received. Maybe something like that would work for his concert?
As far as a combined events, we have a short "Fine Arts" Halloween presentation and a Veteran's Day Assembly in which all of the performing and visual arts classes combine. The assemblies are during the school day and each group only performs two selections. Maybe combining during the day could work...
Hope this is helpful!
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