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Choir for students with special needs, and student assistants?

I am wondering if there is any high school choir teacher whose program includes a curricular choir for students with more profound special needs and general-education students to assist, who would be willing to share some aspects of the class with me.  Our choirs currently have many students with special needs; but regarding most students with significant challenges, I believe we are not helping them very much or providing the kind of experience the parents of these students are hoping their child will have, particularly in interacting with gen-ed students.  In spite of modified curriculum and some adult aides, I also believe that there is a great deal more potential in so many of our special needs students I have been too time-strapped to attend to in a way my students deserve.   I have seen news stories of some wonderful choirs with students of various special needs (and helpers) that seem to be thriving.  Our school will not consider adding this class without a good deal of data, proof that our present system is not serving the students' best interest and that a choir like this would.  If you do have a choir like this, would you be so kind as to contact me?  I have several questions, though I know that we are all on very limited time.  You are free to answer all or none.
Thanks so much for your consideration,
Connie Lyda
Lyons Township High School
LaGrange, Illinois
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