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1st Singapore International Choral Festival | 21 - 24 August 2014

Location: Singapore
Festival Chairman | Welcome Message
"Music is a beautiful creation of the heavens. It is about community, you and I. It is love, neither selfish nor self-centered. Music brings reconciliation and healing, peace and joy." – Ms Lim Ai Hooi
Dear Choristers and Fellow Conductors,
We are very excited to invite you to the 1st Singapore International Choral Festival 2014 held from 21 – 24 August.
The modern and bustling city state of Singapore hosts the inaugural festival that is designed as a platform for choirs of all ages to immerse in the vast cultural richness of the international choral scene as well as forge friendships and exchange ideas amongst fellow choral enthusiasts. Participating choirs will sing at various concert halls in Singapore as well as partake in outreach performances at various Singapore landmarks.  For the nation, the participating choirs will also add vibrancy to our local music scene and inspire even greater participation in the arts.
Under the artistic direction of Singapore Cultural Medallion recipient Ms Jennifer Tham of Singapore, this festival brings together an international panel of choral clinicians to lend their experience and guidance to the participants. We have Ms Chen Yun-Hung (Taiwan), Mr Jonathan Velasco (Philippines) and Mr Mark O’Leary (Australia) as part of the artistic panel as well as local maestros Mr Nelson Kwei and Mr Toh Ban Sheng on the jury.
Come and join us in sunny Singapore for the inaugural Singapore International Choral Festival!
With warmest regards,
Lim Ai Hooi
Festival Chairman, 1st Singapore International Choral Festival 2014
Artistic Director, SourceWerkz PL
Drop us an email at for more info.
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