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Looking for anthem to celebrate church's 50th Anniversary

Any suggestions for a rousing anthem celebrating the 50th anniversary of our parish (St. Thomas More, Troy, MI)?
Very capable choir,divisi OK.  
Any and all suggestions appreciated!
Bob Meyer
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on September 11, 2013 6:52am
Dear Mr. Meyer:
Boyd Bacon's arrangement
of Praise to the Lord, the
Almighty for SATB/organ/
trumpet 1-2-3 is published
by Beckenhorst Press--it
has a grand opening, using
some interesting harmonies--
transitions to a quieter 
B section for organ and
"solo voice"--I always use
the alto soloist--then
concludes very strongly
with soprano descant
and an extended "Amen"
for an increasingly divided
chorus--goes from four
parts to seven--although
you can limit the divisi
to ensure adequate
volume from the chorus.
For something more
subtle but still celebratory,
Vaughan Williams's O how
amiable might be a
consideration--as it ends
grandly--with its big
unison setting, with
some degree of augmentation
of the melody, of one
verse of O God, our
help in ages past.
Best wishes for your
anniversary event.
Thomas Sheets, D.M.A.
on September 11, 2013 7:12am
Hi Bob,
I would recommend a wonderful and celebratory piece by David Ashley White, slightly "John Rutter" in style:
Cantate Domino by David Ashley White scored for SATB, Brass Quintet and Organ (Paraclete Press - - Full Score and Listen to Sample Audio, View Music
This exciting work was the winner of the Sesquicentennial Composition Competition sponsored by St. Paul's United Church of Christ in Chicago. Dr. White combines traditional harmonic style with refreshing changes of mode and dynamics. The brass and organ parts are quite vibrant, as Dr. White uses their range and dynamic capabilities to the fullest potential. This festive work would serve well in a concert program as well as a worship service.
on September 12, 2013 5:12am
Craig Courtney's "One Faith, One Hope, One Lord" (Beckenhorst Press) is a grand piece, and makes a tremendous effect for a relatively small investment in time.
Ron Duquette
Applauded by an audience of 1
on September 12, 2013 6:58am
John Ness Beck's Upon This Rock is a winner.  I believe it includes brass, and near the end the congregation gets to participate by joining in a verse of "The Church's One Foundation."  Very celebratory and appropriate for the occasion, IMHO.  
on September 12, 2013 7:28am
Do keep me in mind when you are celebrating your SIXTIETH anniversary. I wrote a 60-fold amen for a parish celebrating their sixtieth!
Maybe this would be an appropriate time and opportunity to commission an anthem from one of USAs wonderful composers. (I'm NOT suggesting myself, please!)
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on September 12, 2013 11:51am
As much as I love this place, (this is my 28th year here as full-time DM - more than half the life of the parish!), I hope I'm not here for the 60th! -- maybe as a guest!
on September 12, 2013 9:36am
Hello, Robert,
Congratulations on your church's 50th!
I offer you my consecration anthem below for your consideration.
This Sacred Space  5'30
SSAATTB            brief simple Alto solo (intoning)
organ, 2 tpt 2 tbn, timp (3 dr)
Text: Holy, Holy, Holy, other lyrics by  David Avshalomov
A tonal consecration anthem with an (optional) congregational hymn and showy organ part. Bright brass/organ intro, mystical slow choral start, buildup to the hymn and a big fast celebratory Alleluia ending. Medium difficulty for the chorus (a few modern tonal harmonies in the middle), fairly easy brass parts. The work has been successfully performed by a midrange church choir and ensemble.
You can see a perusal score and listen to a Sibelius Sounds demo MP3 on my website here:
I publish in inexpensive pdfs if desired. 
You might also give a look/listen to my Psalm 150 setting, "Praise the Lord", chorus and organ. It is a little trickier (a lot of quick 5/8) but has a big impact.
Please let me know offlist if you are interested in this work.
on September 13, 2013 3:17am
Hello Robert.
You might look at the GLORIA [in English] from the Keble College Mass by PHILIP STOPFORD [published by Hal Leonard] which is demanding choral music with a big organ part
[published by Morning Star]
But why not consider commissioning a new Stopford work? Perhaps on a text by Thomas More?
on September 13, 2013 6:28am
I recommend Dan Forrest's    "St.Patrick's Hymn."            (Hinshaw publishes)
The Greenville Chorale commissioned this work in honor of our 50th Anniversary in 2010-2011.
Scored for winds and choir, but can be quite effective with a good organ and piano.
Powerful setting of a most appropriate text:
St.Patrick's Hymn (5th century)
May the strength of God pilot us,
May the wisdom of God instruct us, May the hand of God protect us,
Be always ours this day and forevermore.
on September 13, 2013 11:32am
We have used "Total Praise" by Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir . . . with track or band.  Powerful song.  This is what it's about . . . may the Lord bless you for 50 more years!

Lord, I will lift my eyes to the hills
Knowing my help is coming from You
Your peace You give me in time of the storm
You are the source of my strength
You are the strength of my life
I lift my hands in total praise to You
You are the source of my strength
You are the strength of my life
I lift my hands in total praise to You
Amen, Amen, Amen, Amen
Amen, Amen, Amen, Amen
You are the source of my strength
You are the strength of my life
I lift my hands in total praise to You
Amen, Amen, Amen, Amen
Amen, Amen, Amen, Amen
on September 13, 2013 8:13pm
First of all I have done David Avshalomov’s “This Sacred Space”.  Our choir and congregation loved it.  I recommend it for any service!
Second, our congregation just celebrated its 50th Anniversary and I found these 2 anthems that I thought were excellent:
God Is Here
on September 13, 2013 8:41pm
Me our Church One Joyful Choir, by Eleanor Daley, Published by OUP. Mixed meter, a capella.....beautiful piece! 
Make our church one joyful choir
On this glad and festive day
And by song invoke the fire
that invites our hearts to pray
Shape us Christ to live and claim
All it means to bear your name.
on September 16, 2013 4:52am
Hi Bob,
Bruckner's Locus Iste is a great piece with an appropriate text. Like much of Bruckner's choral music it works particularly well in a resonant acoustic. I wrote a setting of Psalm 95 (O come, let us sing unto the Lord) a few years back for the Edington Festival here in the UK. It's quite lively and celebratory in style. You can listen to it here:
I'm happy to send you a score for perusal if you like.
Best wishes,
********************************* John Duggan
Creative Arts Fellow
Wolfson College
Oxford OX2 6UD 07533 722996 *********************************
on September 18, 2013 8:00am
For our 75th we did A Jubilant Song by Alan Pote (kind of a oldie).  I added the brass and it was very well received.  It was not hard to work up (our anniversary was the week before Palm Sunday, what a nightmare!) and had a big impact.  The anniversary committee also insisted on an Hallelujah sing-a-long!  Let's not talk about that.
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