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Pergolesi "Stabat Mater" editions

It has been a number of years since I have performed the "Stabat Mater" by Pergolesi.  I have the Kalmus edition full score, string parts, etc.. and remember that there are many, many errors  - measures missing in the "Fac ut", etc.. (score and parts are about 30 years old).
Can anyone recommend a better edition, publisher, etc.... full score, string parts and vocal scores.  I do not want the SATB version that someone did for Novello I think?  I want the SA version for two soloists or 2 part treble choir.  Any help is appreciated!
on September 12, 2013 11:49am
IMSLP has one that is very clean looking. I don't know about the authenticity, etc. 
on September 13, 2013 6:04am
There is a new collected works edition published by Ricordi. Seems it is based on the most authentic known score.  I also own the Kalmus score and parts. I purchased the Ricordi score and then un edited the parts with white out and a pencil. It was a lot of work, but a great way to study the music. If I were to do it again I would have worked with the IMSLP scores which are full of things to un edit, but less than the Kalmus. It's shocking how much the piece differs from edition to edition and to the Ricordi. The piece was so widely circulated after it was written that many people changed the work to their liking early on. Check out the Bach Canatata based on it, too. The Pergolesi is such a beautiful piece. It's great to clear away as much of the years of clutter as we can and down to more clear articulations so that the pure beauty of what I hope is more like what the composer wanted can brilliantly shine through. 
on September 13, 2013 7:18am
I performed this piece last year...this is one where (according to Bob Gjerdingen of Northwestern) the question of "authenticity" becomes blurry and problematic, since it was performed so heavily in its early years that there are any number of potentially "authentic" versions floating around. So I'd say your challenge is more than anything to find a version where your vocal parts and orchestral parts match.
I don't honestly remember what we ended up with, although I believe it was the imslp version (Breitkopf?) with some here and there self-editing, because all our library had was the Schirmer. I can tell you that Schirmer lacks the extra notes in the Fac ut Ardeam and has the augmented ending in the Amen (inconsistent with the imslp parts at least; I haven't seen the Kalmus), and Novello has the Fac ut Ardeam notes but has the augmented ending. CPDL has a version too, only it has a lot of the ornamentation written out in the score, so only use that one if you agree with the editor's choices of how to sing the ornaments and/or your singers are more comfortable with that than learning to interpret the ornaments themselves.
Ricordi was out of our budget, but that's probably where I'd look--I believe they have a fairly new critical edition of the work.
(Also: if you use imslp parts, beware--the cello part at the end of the second movement didn't get scanned and is incomplete, so you'd need to find and complete it's not a big deal to do so, just something to know about!)
Best of luck! It's a great piece, and we had a wonderful time.
Jennifer Budziak
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