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Missing page - Try to Remember - SAB - Chappell Music

Location: New York, USA
Item: page 4 ( third page)
Composer/Arranger/Edition: Chappell Music - John Anderson - arranger
Starting: as soon as possible
For: indefinite
Copies: just the one page or 4 copies
Willing to rent: Yes
I have an old copy of Try to Remember for SAB and it is missing page 4 ( third page).  It is out of print and no longer available from anywhere.  If someone has a copy and would be willing to send just the one page to me, I would really appreciate it.  Or I am willing to buy copies as well.  I only need 4 copies , just need them to be complete.  The back side of page 3 that I have is completely blank.  It is a perfect song for my senior singers who very much want to do it.  Thanks so much.
Catherine Nesbit