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Church Chorister Robes

We are entering our new term with our fledgling new children's choir. We are probably going to need new robes for some of the choristers. My question is: has anyone ever found/used a sewing pattern for chorister robes, and if so, do you find that you've saved money by making your own? The few remaining ones we have from a previous church are the traditional red, floor-length robes typical of the Anglican tradition some with cottas, others without. We have others that resemble, in miniature, robes one might have found some years back on your typical protestant church choir members. I really like the "Anglican" style so much better than the others but, hey, you've got to use what you can. Any guidance would be helpful. Thanks.
Rob Howard
Music Director
St. George's Anglican Church
Colorado Springs, CO
on October 14, 2013 8:41pm
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