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work for soloists with choruses for SSA

Looking for something that can be done with some talented soloists (including a counter tenor) and with limited involvement of a treble chorus. 
Any ideas will be helpful!
on September 23, 2013 8:25am
Hi Kate,
If you're only looking for classical/choral works, I won't be of much help, but our group has three CDs of treble voices with lots of solo and duet work -- all world music. Check out the "Our Music" page at for samples and videos.
Sing on!
on September 23, 2013 11:45am
I can recommend my edition of Michael Haydn's lovely "Magnificat" for SSA soloists and SSA chorus. The chorus parts are very accessible and the solo parts, while challenging, are gracious and lyrical. Contact me privately if you'd like a perusal score or access to a recording.
Dr. Mark Nabholz
on September 23, 2013 1:03pm
Hi Kate,
might something like this be of interest?
on September 24, 2013 3:28am
Hi Kate - my arrangement of Lullay My Liking might be suitable. You can have a look & listen at:
Good luck with your search.
Regards - Dorian Kelly 
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