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"BONJOUR chers amis", many people here helped me some months ago with questions about scores of Baldassare Galuppi. I am French but I need some answers about the "Messe de minuit" H9 de Marc-Antoine Charpentier. The original score is D minor but I'll conduct this piece with modern instruments, so it is really to high for the sopranos. I found on CPDL the scores of vocal-piano in C minor. Perhaps someone knows where I can find the instrumentals scores and the "conducteur" in C minor ?
Thank you very much and ... sorry for my english
Vincent Lecornier
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on September 25, 2013 2:49am
There is an edition by Concordia Publishing House in c minor.
on September 26, 2013 3:39am
Hello, i went on Concordia publishing website but how can you know the score is in c minor ? Beacause it's not written.
Thank you.
Vincent Lecornier
on September 26, 2013 8:50am
The Concordia edition is dreadful. They have taken many movements which are written with eighth notes and renotated them as dotted-eighth-sixteenth pairs (their interpretation of notes inégales) and other editorial changes with no indication. This might lead to serious conflicts if you're mixing it with other scores.
But it is in C minor.
on September 25, 2013 8:35am
For some reason ChoralNet is re-posting old posts....
anyway, I'm also currently editing the score to make it available in d minor from that website. It should be available mid-week next week.
-Cecil Rigby
Clemson, SC
on September 25, 2013 2:04pm
...I meant c minor, of course....
on November 22, 2013 12:35pm
Hello, I finally  found the "Messe de minuit" by CHARPENTIER in c minor. Thanks to Cecil Rigby, one of the editors of the very good site . They have the score in d minor and they accepted to edit and sell me the version in c minor.
It's finally so easy but ...
... Incredible, I am french and it's impossible to find this score in the country of Charpentier ... My God! In my country this music is reserved for the baroc's elite ...
Thanks to Cecil Rigby and handlo
Vincent Lecornier
French conductor
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