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Choral Arrangements of 1776

Location: Virginia, USA
Item: 3 pieces "The Lees of Old Virginia", "He Played the Violin" and "Your, Yours, Yours"
Composer/Arranger/Edition: Composer: Sherman Edwards, Arranger: Ralph Hunter
Starting: As soon as possible
For: through June 2014
Copies: 1 to 60
Willing to rent: Yes
The publisher, G. Schirmer, tells me these pieces are permanently out of print. They are a part of a 4 piece set of SATB choral arrangements of songs from the Broadway Musical 1776:
  1. He Plays the Violin
  2. Momma, Look Sharp (I have already purchased a copy of this one on ebay)
  3. The Lees of Old Virginia
  4. Yours, Yours, Yours 
I'm requesting permission from G. Schirmer to make copies for a performance in May. I'm willing to rent, purchase, or pay for scanning. If I could just get an email with a scanned copy I can go from there.