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Using a performance track in concert

I am planning an exciting format to our winter concert:  all choral students grades 5-12 will perform, including two pieces that all my students will sing together.  I plan to use the performance track for the song "A Joyful Night" by Ruth Morris Gray.  I suspect that if we do a great job, the audience is going to want to clap along with its gospel energy!  I am concerned that the audience will not keep a steady beat and will make it difficult for the nearly 200 singers to stay "together".  Do you have experience using performance tracks?  Would you advise having our accompanist ready to take over "just in case" a tempo tragedy happens?  Thanks for input! 
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on December 12, 2013 4:47pm
Well, I took the acoustic approach and wrote some instrumental parts to go along with the provided piano accompaniment.  I added flute, trumpet, and a string bass part.  It went WONDERFULLY!  Thank you for all your advice, colleagues!  Conducting a "mega choir" with all my middle and high school students singing together was such a great experience for everyone involved.  
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