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Help with Congregation & Choir hymn/anthem

I'm needing help in 'logistics' surrounding a processional hymn/anthem for Christ the King Sunday.  It's an arrangement of "All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name."  The opening verse is congregation, choir, brass, organ.  Verse 2 is women only, verse 3 is men only.  Then there is an interlude leading to the Choir only verse 4, followed by another interlude, and congregation joins back in on verse 5.  I'm trying to figure out what to do with the congregation during the interludes & choir verse.  If they continue to stand, they'll be standing there quite a while just listening.  I could gesture for them to sit, and then stand them back up before verse 5, but I'm afraid this will be more disruptive than just standing.  My other thought was to have "something" happen during the interludes - like some children processing with things for the altar area - an extra cross, a crown of thorns, or something along those ideas.  I just think if I was in the congregation - that's a long time to stand without singing.  Any suggestions would be helpful.
on October 9, 2013 2:28pm
  I would not worry too much about that...although you are correct -- it is a long time to stand 'idle'.  Hopefully, the drama of the procession, even without 'extra add-ons' will carry the moment.  Another option, especially if I want the congregation to actually see the procession, is to leave them seated until the final stanza, having them stand during the interlude leading up to it.  This might be appropriate if you decide to add children bringing symbols to the chancel.
  Christ the King is my favorite Sunday of the church year.  Glad you are making it an event!
Larry Heath
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