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Is it legal to give PIANO lessons to your choir students?

I know people had discussed the legality/ethicality of giving VOICE lessons to their choir students (public school), but I have a student (and her mother) who is interested in piano lessons. I talked with the band teacher, who had been given the answer "no" when a student wanted private lessons for their instrument, because it is a conflict of interest. But I'm teaching choir...and it's not voice lessons. What is the ruling in this area? Because I know so many teachers don't abide by it. I had lessons with my choir director in high school. And the teacher here before me was able to give voice lessons (they allowed it because she was part time, and she had already had some students when she was hired). What is your opinion? I'd like to have an idea of whether or not I should ask the principal, or just tell the mother that I cannot give her child lessons.
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