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Conductors' attire: a tux that works?

Hi, friends,
I conduct a communty/auditioned handbell choir, and I've always worn a tux for performances.  Recently they've all upgraded to a more formal look including full tuxes for the men.  So I need to replace mine-- it's getting threadbare and I'm even considering tails as a step above the performers.
Yesterday I was reminded how annoying this is:  when I conduct, the back of the jacket collar rises way up at the slightest lifing of my arms.  I swear that sometimes the collar itself is hitting me in the middle of the back of my head and I have to look like some Quasimodo person up there.  My conducting is not what I'd call dramatic.
Does anyone have experience in how to get a tux that actually behaves itself when conducting?
Chuck in St. Louis
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