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Winter Concert music needed

We have a HS program in Texas which has performed medium to very difficult repertoire.  We are in need of pieces to include at our SECULAR Winter Concerts in Dec and Jan for the non varsity SSA group, the varsity SSA (or SSAA) group and the non varsity mixed choir.  We already have songs that are legato/rubato and expressive and need some variety in the program.  That being said, we are working on a variation of Jingle Bells (rhythmic) and Sleigh Ride.  Do you have suggestions to fit the bill for some additional lively octavo suitable for our groups?  We do have a separate show choir, so pop type music is not what we are looking for.
Thanks for any suggestions!
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on October 31, 2013 8:32pm
Hi Rachel,
Below please find a YouTube video of an ebullient and pithy one-minute piece for SATB + Piano entitled "A Coat."  Digital download score is available here and a perusal score is available on my composer website.
I enjoyed watching some of your choir videos on YouTube as well and wish you luck on your search!
Ezra Donner
composer • performer  educator

(716) 471-3504
on November 3, 2013 8:19am
Hi.  I am in an SSA choir and we are doing "The Snow" by Elgar.  Its beautiful with or without 2 vioin and piano.  I would say its a medium piece.  Its about knowing that winter will be over.  I love it, its my favorite thing we are doing this year by far.  We are also doing Winter Wonderland in 3 parts which is a proper, old fashioned arrangement  and Let it Snow.  
on November 4, 2013 9:59am
Thanks to all who have sent suggestions and links!  I believe that we will now be able to fill our concert with music for Winter.  Thanks again!
Rachel Forester - director of the Hebron HS Choirs.
on November 5, 2013 7:20am
Hi Rachel,
I did not respond earliere because my only SSA piece for you to consider is a legato, slow tempo piece. But I hope you'll review the score of "Winter Stars" and consider it for future Winter Concerts. The score and a recording can be found here:
Rich Campbell
on November 5, 2013 2:13pm
Here is a suggestion for a humorous Christmas song.  I came up with it back in the 1980s after hearing one too many versions of PACHELBEL'S CANON on the radio.
To the tune of Pachelbel's Canon, of course:
Oh no. Oh no.  Oh no.  Oh no.
Oh no, not aga-ain.
There goes Pachelbel's ca-anon.
It seems that ev'ry Christmas season
The canon's played beyond all reason.
Once or twice is fine for me.
Why must it go on endlessly?
Oh no, not aga-ain.
There goes Pachelbel's Ca-anon.
If Pachelbel were here toda-ay
He'd be the first one to sa-ay,
"Put avay zat canon dear,
don't play it for another year."
Oh swell.  Oh swell.
They're playing something other than Pachelbel.
Is it something I can handle?
Perhaps by Bach or maybe Handel?
How 'bout a carol sung by monks?
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