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Location: Germany
Choregie theatre of voices by Karmina Šilec
      I'll tell you. You're young, but you're one of us, and I'm one of us, so I'll tell you.
Radial System V Berlin, 7.12. 2013
Performers: Vocal Theatre Carmina Slovenica
Music: Veljo Tormis, John Pamintuan, Boaz Avni, Selga Mence, Tellu Virkkala, Bronuis Kutavi?ius, Jacob Cooper, etc.
Some simplified artistic creations from the ancient times always surprise us with their force of contemporary expression. As if they were created unconsciously and outside all cultural or stylistic-aesthetic frameworks. The musical world of the TOXIC PSALMS follows a similar archaic seclusion beyond space and time. ??The music of does not tend toward a stylistic-aesthetic option. There are magic and symbolism in the foreground. The music moves between vitality and aesthetic reticence, old-fashioned polyphony and the technique of clusters, between the trivial and the emphatically artistic, the spiritual and the naturalistic, sacred and profane.??
As to its form Toxic psalms is an open-ended work, set in an imaginary musical setting. It is not an ode to the past nor directed toward the idyllic. It moves among the shadows of our ancestors who are related to us in every aspect – in joy and sadness, in self-confidence and despair.
On dark nights gods come.? They walk between the houses?like tall black towers,? with darting eyes.With hard hands they feel the roofs,?they speak the language of men?who lived on the earth before us?and died and went away. In the morning sometimes there's a rock in front of the door?and a broken stone wall at the side of the road?and in the field the print of heavy foot?and in the sky the reflection of violent storms.
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