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MM in Choral Conducting

Hello! I will be applying for my MM in Choral Conducting. For the live audition, what sort of other tests will be given? Keyboard skills will be tested at most schools, but what does this usually consist of? Transposition? Sight-reading? Theory? I would like to know what I can do to prepare for these exams. Thanks, I appreciate it!
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on November 1, 2013 7:33am
Using Kent's list as a template, Master's degree auditions at Central Washington University include the following:
1. The candidate leads a 25 minute rehearsal with the Chamber Choir, 5-8 minute warmup, the remainder of the time is split between a piece that the candidate brings, and one which the choir is currently singing already. How the time is split is up to the candidate - telling me a lot about their rehearsal technique, priorities, etc.
2. The candidate brings a one page essay on why they are seeking a masters.  Used to ascertain writing skill, and again, tells me about the person.
3. An informal audition in the area of the candidate's performance area (for example voice, violin, piano).  If piano is his/her main performance area, I ask the candidate to play a piece or two on keyboard.  If the performance area is voice, I ask for a prepared solo or two.
4. A test of piano skills, including sight-reading, playing of choral parts.
5. A vocal audition, including sight-reading and aural skills.
6. An interview discussing the candidate's career goals, using their essay as a departure.
the score id, choral lit knowledge, etc.  is determined in their entrance exam.  And of couse is a part of their orals at the other end of an intense, fast, growing 2 years of study.
Best wishes on your search,
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